Note to my younger self...

Dear younger self,

Picture yourself flustered, all worked up because your late for something you've been looking forward to for a long time. In your mind you are going over all the reasons why this is happening to you. "Why did I turn that way?" "Why didn't I look both ways at that stop sign?" "What if I didn't make this or that mistake?" The truth is time doesn't care for excuses or even really know you exist. She continues on her merry way like clockwork... tick tock, tick tock. The problem is younger self, this is not an isolated incident. This isn't the first time that you took all your attention off the journey and soley focused on the supposed holy grail, savanna that could have just been yours if someone else didn't mess it up for you. The truth is that everytime you let the feeling of pressure distract you from focusing on the task at hand and the things that you can control, you end up making far worse decisions.

Dear younger self, 

Stop worrying about your timeline. You can't control how fast you get there, and you won't enjoy the destination if you continue to stress over your apparent delay. Now picture yourself on the way to something you've been looking forward to and you change your perspective. You turn on your favorite music and you start to sing along. You notice how nice and sunny the weather is and how today you seem to be hitting all the green lights. You think to yourself, "Life is good! " and you feel your worries dissapearing. Today you make it to the occasion realizing you made a mistake and actually you weren't supposed to be there for another 30 minutes. You're early not late and life seems to finally make sense and everything is ok. This isn't the first time you've been early by mistake but it's the first time in a long time where you were ok with the outcome either way before it happened to you. 

Dear younger self, 

Life has a funny way of rewarding those who can push when you need to push, laugh when you could just cry, and who get up telling yourself "I've got to try atleast one more time." Life is a journey and it can be whatever you make of it. Sure set goals and dream big but don't forget to celebrate the small victories and brush off the minor set backs. Help others and make sure that your WHY is so big and deep that no matter what rocky road or twisty trail you're on, that you always have a north star to follow. You got this! Just smile and relax, keep pushing and don't ever give up!


Your older self

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